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This website, Boycott The Election

belongs to Women and Men, and their and all our Children,  who seek real democracy.

It is maintained by Rajchelle OneFamily Miller, Ph.D. (in psychology)  and  Rita Winter M.A. (in Sociology),  and Andrew Miller.

Rajchelle  ran as a Write-In Candidate for CoPresident in the Millennial Year 2000 with CoCandidate Hjalmer Wayne Erickson, a women’s and children’s rights activist and environmentalist, and hasn’t voted since.  In July 2012, she and women of the Occupy Movement Declared, in REvolutionary Declarations, that gender parity, that is 5050 gender balance in government,  media/communications and economic paradigms, which involve the balance of love and work ,  as well as proportional minority representation, are Divinely Endowed Inalienable Human Rights.

Rita has been active on Women’s and Democracy issues for years, She has taught Sociology at the University level, and has been a lifelong  activist for  women’s and democracy issues. She does psychosocial assessments as advocacy for people who need a strong advocate in dealing with institutions.

In the early 2000’s Andrew helped Rajchelle send out thousands of email that informed the reader about the importance of gender balance in government. He will be boycotting the “election”.

It is our belief that all the “elections” including and since 2000 were rigged, and the actual losers claimed “victory”, with the support of top party leaders of both parties and the Corporate Media, and the US, the most influential region of the world,  has been without publically elected government since 2000, and has therefore not yet embarked on the New Millennium, depriving Humanity of Divinely Endowed Gifts such as the End to War and Real Peace,  Time to Spend with Their Children, Abundant Renewable Energy,  the Fountain of Youth, Matter-Energy Transfer,  and StarGate Discovery.

It is our (and many others we are working with, women and men both) belief that  Boycott of the 2012 Pseudoelection is the only way to avoid Planet-Earth destroying catastrophes being wrought especially by the policies of the patriarchal/oligarchal 1%, who seem to not know that all they are gaining by their manipulations is the right to “die on top”. “Election”  Boycott, Renunciation of the “Election” by the world watching,  and NonViolent REvolution  is necessary to slow the corporate-political-media juggernaut down, to allow time for widespread public education on the need for new gender balanced and inclusive paradigms for decision-making and the balance of work and familycommunity life in Harmony with Nature.  If You Wish to contact Boycott the Election,  to  Support the Boycott,  email

Time is of the Essence. There is a short countdown to the PsuedoElection that will destroy the Planet Earth (yes even the 1%, who are as ultimately almost as destructive to themselves as they are to millions and billions of others) ,  and help is needed to build the Boycott.  If you are interested, don’t delay:

Contact us  NOW.

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