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Give A Hand to the Election Boycott to Save Our Planet

August 26, 2012

Give Your Hand to the Election Boycott that Saves the Earth


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  1. I was working on the Obama campaign. As I started to notice the “front” people were almost blinded and non-questioning about the issues and how Obama has NOT fulfilled his promise to stop the war(S) and more wars and new wars. I watched these people that really did seem like some sort of robots putting up signs, NOT discussing any issues, but blindly following their orders from above.
    I thought “something is really wrong here”. I did not want to morph into another robot like they are without questioning or asking Obama to fulfill his previous campaign promises, which he hasn’t done. I stopped my volunteer work, came home, un-subscribed from ALL Obama’s emails. We have a two party system, that’s it! It might as well be one party with two names. Neither party represents the people nor are they for the people. What happened to a govt. for the people, by the people? We have a govt. for the govt. by the govt. The “people” simply don’t have a place any longer, I thought what in the hell am I doing here? I’m giving my time to something I really don’t even believe in any longer. The politicians don’t even know we are on the planet any longer. We are their pawns and they forget about us after they are elected. Well, we might get a few “crumbs” thrown out to placate the masses just to calm them down and “make” them think something will change or happen. Not true. It is as it is. Nothing is going to change, at least not for the people.
    People have lost their homes and are facing inflated rental markets. They simply can’t afford the rental house either. One person said her rent was more now then what she was paying when she was owner of her house. Has anyone noticed the war industrial complex? Has anyone noticed the prison industrial complex? I brought those 2 subjects up while I was a volunteer for Obama and I was looked at with blank stares and no comments! Really people! Do you not think in a global way either? I wanted to just melt out of the room. The real questions and issues were “not to be addressed” as it might take people out of their robot mode and they would start to “think” again!
    Once again, I had to do some real soul searching. It had to be honest and objective, too. I simply do not fit into our one party, two name political lie any longer. I don’t want to be a blinded person. A lie that has been set-up with both parties. The lie is that we will make it better for you. No, no one is going to make it better for you. The industrial war complex is making money, so that’s not going to stop! Oh, the industrialized prison system is not going to stop. It’s the new slavery system. We keep building more prisons on a private basis and we actually fill them up!!! Is there really that much more crime or do we just need those bodies to fill those newly built prisons. Yes, we do need those bodies for our new slave system. We can pay prisoners ten cents an hour and say the “item was made in the U.S.A”. Oh yes, we don’t “have to rely on China” any longer for low pay items. We can have them made right here. Oh yeah, we would be “making jobs”. This is reality and this is stepping out of the box of a two party system. It’s called “thinking”. Any you know what? It really is a scary thing to think. Maybe that’s how we get those robots following the party line. Because if they were self-thinkers, they would not be towing the rope for any party.

  2. Rita Winter permalink

    I support the boycott of the election.! What do you need and how can I help? We will all be prisoners of the system. It’s happening now, day by day. It’s just that one of these days, someone is going to realize it when it’s far too late. It will be far too late when we are all “prisoners” to corporate Amerika. If we keep doing what we are doing, we will keep getting what we get.
    Transparency has only become a niche word now. It sounds good to use it to create a “false honesty”.
    We listen to corporate news that brainwashes millions and millions. We live in a country with the most fire power in the world. That very same fire power can, and will, be used against us. People say “it” can’t happen here. Now people can say “it” is happening here. But where was I?

  3. Rita Winter permalink

    When will we learn that are system is not working? When will people start to pay attention instead of getting caught in the drama that surrounds their life? People, leave your personal drama for just one minute and please pay attention to our non-political system. We no longer live in a democracy. We live in a “mockery”. Are you paying any attention to our mockery? We no longer vote for a president. We vote for the person that has the most funding to out the other person. A third party is not listened to at all. Why? Because they do not have the money to pay the big TV stations for ads. Any third or fourth party is looked at like a joke. We Amerikans are so far behind other nations that have multiple parties to make a choice from. We really have a one party system with two names. Our society must stand on its own feet and demand more from our non-government in order to change it. Is is NOT a government for the people, by the people. Those days are long gone. We are turning into a fundamentalist society with more rules and laws. We will be the same as a strict Muslim country in the guise of christianity. I am an atheist. We have a lot of atheists in this society. However, as we get closer and closer to this “chirstian dominant rule”, our own life could be in danger. Even if you aren’t an atheist, if you are not a “conformist”, your life could still be in danger. We have more people in prison then any other industrial nation in the world. We need people in prison to fill-up the private prison system. YOU can be falesly accused of any crime in the U.S., good-luck if you are rich. But most people are not rich and can’t get out of this new form of slavery. Corporate Amerika can now make goods in Amerika via the new prison system. We can now stamp things that say, “Made in the U.S.A.” It would solve the dependence on China. And some politician will be using that as “his” catch phrase, “see I’ve created jobs and we are producing things made in the U.S.A.” The lemming will believe we’ve had a turn-around on job creation and look no further for an explaination. Pay attention now, not later, not when you have the time. The time is NOW. We must demand better because once it’s gone, freedom, try to get it back. People please look at our society in an objective way and not in the way of a lemming. They want lemmings. Are you a lemming? If you aren’t, it’s your duty to get involved, and it’s your duty to educate others that are around you. At this time last year, the U.S. has sold 3 x’s the amount of arms to other countries. 3 x’s then last year at this time! Why? Where are they going? To take out governments that don’t agree with us. We kill. We don’t know it. We torture and kill. We don’t know it. The non-government isn’t going to advertise that information. And some of the arms will be used against us as well. Business as usual, with the exception of an escalation of business as usual. But when the Kardashians become more important to you then if you will be falsely charged with a crime to fill-up private prison systems, you are way too late. And you only wished you would have paid attention. An innocent person can rot in prison for years. In the meantime, the corporate Amerika will cash in on you for 10 cents a day labor. Cheaper labor then China. Only you are the slave and now it’s too late. You are only grasping to maintain some sort of sanity while you are forced into Amerika’s new labor system and trying to keep sane. You are trying not to take your life in the insanity of a prison system. Because the Kardashians were so much more important to you. You are the lemming and that’s what our government wants. They do NOT want thinking people to be out there. They are way to dangerous. It’s your choice, be a lemming or be a thinking and critical person in Amerika. We are a nation of rich and poor. The poor are trying to hang-on and just survive. The rich don’t have to expend their energy to survive. They are fine. The poor person has absolutely no credibility in life, period. You won’t have any “cred” in prison either as everyone in prison says “they did no wrong”. You will be there saying “you did no wrong” and you will not be listened to. You have no money for a defense and no attorney gives away free time. WE need more then a two party system and only the people in Amerika can do that. It doesn’t “just happen”, it takes people power. But it’s hard when you are poor and that’s just where the government wants you, poor. Get a clue, the Amerikan dream is long gone. It’s a carrot before the horse now. Don’t take the lemming route.

  4. Rita Winter permalink

    Back to the Stone Age

    Republican spin doctors have frequently attempted to dismiss the notion that GOP policies constitute a “war on women.” All their pooh-poohing of the alarm bells that are sounded by the peoples forces however is lost when their own nominees speak their mind. The Republicans hope to capture the US Senate this year and one of their key targeted races is in Missouri. Who did the GOP chose to carry their standard in that race? None other than tea-party Congressman Todd Akin. Where does he stand on issues that affect women? He made it clear when he stated that women have nothing to fear from his stand against women’s access to reproductive care, which he would deny even if a woman were the victim of rape or incest. Not a problem according to Todd because a woman’s body “has ways” to prevent pregnancy during what he calls a “legitimate rape.” This is perhaps the most outrageous statement made in the 21st Century regarding women’s health since ultra-right winger and political meddler Foster Freiss suggested women could prevent unwanted pregnancy by holding an aspirin “between the knees.”

  5. Rita Winter permalink

    Runaway girls forced to sell themselves for sex. Maids locked in the homes of strangers. Farmworkers living in isolated labor camps, forced to work and unable to get away… Thousands of people are living in slavery here in America.

    For the past 12 years, there’s been a growing movement against modern-day slavery. Survivors have rebuilt their lives through recovery programs. A national hotline has provided tipoffs to free victims and prosecute people who traffic in human beings. These initiatives serve as a literal lifeline for victims of slavery – and now they are at risk.

    Our non-government is aware of the multitudes of women who are slaves right here in the good old U.S.A., land of the “free”. What is wrong? Wake up? You could be next, right in line to be a slave. But people turn their head, including our “non-government” and say “it just can’t happen here”. Amerika has lost all sense with regard to the plight of a woman’s situation in this society. We no longer have a compass with “women” on that compass. We only have a wealthy one party system with two names. This is going to take an up-rising to change the current for women in the name of simply saving the planet earth. In the name of saving YOU! WAKE-UP NOW!!!

    Women, if you EVEN think you have equality, THINK AGAIN. Be objective in your thinking, expand your thinking way “past the box”. We have a few token women that hold corporate jobs. I say few. They are satisfied and blinded by their token positions and refuse to look into the REAL problems of women. We need not focus on them as they are already slaves in their own right. I’m talking about the non-token women that comprise most of our society. We have been left, we have been sold out, we have been lied to, we are blind out of fear. We have become “frozen” in place and we simply no longer know what to do. What can we do? LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD. WE ARE WOEMEN, WE CAN ROAR. WE ARE 51% OF THE POPULATION, yet we have less, make less money and we are already in the shakels of slavery. We didn’t know it. BUT WE KNOW IT NOW. AND ONCE YOU HAVE THIS KNOWLEDGE, YOU CAN’T GO BACK, YOU CAN ONLY GO FORWARD. We have mass slavery of women in Amerika in many, many ways. We give birth to the very people that put us into the shakels of slavery. Yet, for what ever reason, we travel along with slavery as if we have no “thinking mind” or no eyes “that are blind”. Who will save you? You!
    Women, it is simply imperative to make your voice be heard. NOW! This is NOT DRAMA, this is the real thing. Older women are being given the shaft, their jobs are taken away, replaced by younger women that are blinded. Older women are useless in Amerika. There is no respect for their wisdom. There is no respect for living and learning during the Feminist Movement. I have news for you, WE MUST HAVE A RADICAL AND LOUD NEW FEMINIST MOVEMENT IN THIS COUNTRY, NOW! Women, women, if we don’t do this, no one will. The “non-government” of this country is NOT going to help you. And you, as a women, are not helpless. Don’t be a victim.
    REVOLT NOW, OR KEEP YOUR SHAKELS. Big Brother is alive and well. Men hold the power via wealth. Women don’t, but we do have a mouth that can over-come wealthy men who keep us from basic rights. WHAT IN THE HELL IS EVERYONE WAITING FOR? We have a movement in this country that is almost “secret”. Little by little things are being eroded. When you wake-up, it will be too late. Look at Nazi Germany. It was a movement that happened and Hitler was very popular. The aftermath was a horror story. And yes, it can happen here, it is happening here. YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION IF YOU DON’T THINK IT’S HAPPENING HERE. Take a moment from your everyday drama and spread the word. Let the next woman spread the word. Spread the word from woman to woman until we have a REVOLUTION to save Mother Earth. To save us. We are on a path of ruin secondary to inertia,

  6. Rita Winter permalink

    If you are not part of a solution, simply by default, you become part of the problem. A lemming is part of the problem, not part of a solution. The greatest courage of all is to come out of the “lemming shell” and stand on your own feet, address core issues of a problem, even if it is one person. That one person has tremendous power and courage to step out and speak objectively on what is important.
    Search your soul. To thine ownself, be true. Remember, a majority of a population does not mean any decision is right. That was proven by Hitler when he had the majority of the population eating out of his hand in his initial days. Whose hand are you eating from simply because it is the majority way of thinking? Step away, look, listen and be objective in your observations.

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