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Give A Hand to the Election Boycott to Save Our Planet

Give Your Hand to the Election Boycott that Saves the Earth



Do You “Vote”, and Bring About Something for Earth Even Worse than the Final Scene from the movie, Planet of the Apes?

Do You “Vote”, and Follow the Ape or Lemming  Code*?

Or Do You Boycott the 2012 Pseudoelection, and Participate in Non-Violent REvolution/Overdue Constitutional Convention
to Save Democracy and Your Immanently Endangered Planet Earth:

Please Note:  Since this is a free website, without our specific permission regarding their content,  WordPress has very recently inserted some video ads below.  Some are in agreement with many of our general ideas here, but some are not. One is hosted by well-intended but very poorly informed, all 1% celebrities,  initially calling on people to “Don’t Vote”, and then appearing to disparage this most wise choice for 2012.  But, perhaps unconsciously, even these celebrities are saying what they know to be right in what they say the first time. Deep down, even these pampered and protected personalities know that this “pseudoelection” will bring nothing but disaster, most obviously on the non-celebrity 99%, but soon afterwards,  on everyone, country and planet.  Why else would they say “Don’t Vote” so many times in the first place???????



1. Instead of being of the People, by the People and for the People, the 2012 pseudoelection will help only the 1%, not the 99% (or even 100% – the top 1% are in serious spiritual bankruptcy and need urgent help to understand how poor they really have become, and how all they are gaining is the pyrrhic “victory” of dying “on top” of an unsustainable Planet Earth. It will capsize the US and world’s sinking middle class, and permanently impoverish and (in many cases, make homeless or incarcerate) more millions of Americans, especially women, blacks, Latinos, but also many white men, and billions more around the world, due to its ripple effects. Both Women (who will be especially hurt by this pseudoelection) and Men, of all races, are planning to Boycott the Election, (see links below) and are protesting and renouncing both Conventions (see links below) Boycott is the only  logical, caring, Earth-saving and safe strategy.

2. Even if Obama-Biden “won” in this pseudocontest (and they won’t because the upper echelon of the Democratic Party is really Corporate Dempublican, and will, if necessary, either unnecessarily accept/legitimize a faked, vote tampered loss even if they “win”, as they did when they actually “won” in 2000 and 2004, or cave in to Republicans on most issues),  Democratic rank and file voters will still lose, because Americans are so poorly informed by Corporate Media that millions of the most poorly informed will vote Republican, and. as was the result in Wisconsin,  there will still be so many Republicans at every level of government to do their dirty work.  Thus, even if the Democrats nominally “win” there will still be plenty of Republicans around, as they held on in Wisconsin, able to assault women’s rights, and the Good of women’s, progressives’ and liberals’ and minorities’ intentions, on every level. Rank and file Democrats, who are more gender balanced and diverse, are just being herded and used to legitimize a Dempublican pseudoelection of the patriarchal/oligarchal 1%. Especially if the result is close there will be voter machine tampering.The only way to stop Romney-Ryan and the controlling Dempublican 1% for sure is to Boycott the pseudoelection, actively delegitimize it, and call for a real election (see below) in 2013. Boycott is the only logical, caring, Earth-Saving and safe strategy.

3.  65 countries and even more jurisdictions have publically funded elections, many with free TV media time for all candidates. The US should be a leader, not a lacker on this critical element in whether there is a true right to vote, rather than a manipulated auctioned “vote” herded like lemmings, to legitimize the corruption of democracy by money, in this psueudoelection. The Corporate Media, whose CEOs, who also often sit on the boards of banks and other large corporations, are growing fat via expensive TV ads and have ruined the 4th branch of government – the press, don’t want you to know this at all. They don’t want you to understand there is a difference between a real vote in a real and democratic election, and a manipulated “vote” in a pseudoelection that actually betrays the “voters”.  At least 90 million Americans have indicated their likelihood of not voting, generally due to a lack of faith in elections as making any difference. Curtis Gans, director of the non-partisan Center for the Study of the American Electorate, predicts the number of nonvoters will rise significantly this year. He says turnout could ebb to levels similar to (the stolen, media-Dempublican legitimized “election” of) 2000, when only 54.2% of those eligible to vote cast a ballot.  That means that at best, probably little more then 27% of Americans will actually approve of the “winners”, and the election will already show no mandate, but great distrust in the  system. among more than 75% of the people. (see links below) Why try to legitimize something that is already failing? Boycott is the logical, caring, Earth-Saving and safe strategy.

4. This pseudoelection will not bring forth enough women in office to allow sound, intelligent decision-making. and the now necessary R-Evolutionary paradigm shift in our understanding of “power” as “power with” instead of “power over”. As have all pseudoelections since 2000,  this pseudoelection will leave the US, with only 17% women in office, at very low rank, now  94th (if you count ties)/80th, in the representation of women, literally worse than Afghanistan, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates.  Studies show the equal presence of women (with men who realize the importance of their presence) reduces corruption and gridlock with more concern for the general good and collaboration in decison-making, and brings forth more sustainable family and work balance (178 countries have paid family leave; the US has none, Germany and Austria have 3 years of family leave, the US pretends it has done women a favor with 6 weeks unpaid – a deprivation to babies, mothers and indeed fathers, as well),  , economic policies that are sustainable,,  foreign policy that is more farsighted  and conducive to peace rather than war and energy and environmental policy that protects the environment.Earth, The politicians and corporate Media have failed to cover the US decline in gender representation for over a decade, and never mention the successes in other countries.  In 2000, the US, 1 in bloated corporate salaries and military budget, had already fallen to 50th in representation of women. Now it is 78th/92nd if ties are counted.  (sic: Since this was written on Women’s Equality Day in August, it has dropped again to 80/94 if ties are counted.)

As we update our website, women in Kenya, the birthplace of Barack Obama’s father, are boycotting an upcoming flawed election because it would fail to bring them the immediate 30% seats promised as a step toward 5050 by titular politicians. Kenya is a third world country where illiteracy is high. If even women there in the country of the father can set a standard for representation and choose to not vote to delegitimize a flawed election because of the lacking 30%, certainly the most educated and among the wealthiest women in the world, in the country of the mother and son, can set a standard, too, and this time, for the overdue 5050 that many countries, provinces and large jurisdictions (India’s Panchayat Raj 5050 rule serves 800 million people, more than twice the population of the US) and understand why many women and men who care will boycott the election in the US because of the lack of overdue 5050 and rank of 94 in a country that alleges it is the flagship of democracy. But Romney-Ryan is just as lacking about this as Obama-Biden; we are not singling Obama-Biden out for criticism, but as titular officeholders, they are accountable for their failure to address this issue at all, in their campaigns, in the State of the Union addresses, and even on Women’s Equality Day

Women’s groups that naively endorsed and are enabling this pseudoelection (mostly endorsing Obama-Biden) are either so misinformed/habitually low self-esteemed/so fearful of the loss of reproductive rights under Romney-Ryan that they cannot think about the right of their underrepresented gender to a democratic election, which better protects not only reproductive rights, but all rights,  including the right to real family leave, and to have unpaid and underpaid work counted in overdue changes in the economic paradigm, for the 51%. These endorsements are the products of fear-rather-than-thought-driven women, and in some cases, co-opted, habitually male preferential women, who have internalized patriarchy/oligarchy, and while deferring to men, are given false power over other women, as tokens. Fear, enabling and co-optation are symptoms of the long term psychological impact of millennia of patriarchy on women, but they have been misleading the country (and thereby, world) in the wrong direction at the wrong time. A more independent woman’s leader has called the US situation “Gender Armageddon“.

Men also have a responsibility to help this situation, or they become almost like slave-owners who failed to realize the need to voluntarily free their slaves, and also blind to what is in their own and their children’s best interest. Unlike Rajiv Gandhi, Lionel Jospin, Oscar Arias, Rhodri Morgan, Desmond Tutu (who has publically called for a REvolution, especially by women, Penti Arajarvi and  every Swedish and Nordic leader, Jose Zapatero and other well known male leaders, neither Obama nor Biden nor Bill Clinton (and not even Hillary and Michelle and the 17% women Senators and Congresswomen, who are deeply imbedded in being puppets of Corporate Patriarchy/Oligarchy, have ever once mentioned the urgent overdue need for gender 5050 in government, or even publically addressed the current 80/94 rank of the US on women’s representation compared to other countries as a problem. 17% tokenism and patronizing empty promise pandering  is not balance:  Not even the Cabinet has anything near 5050!

During the week of July 4, 2012, Independent and Occupy Women delivered REvolutionary Declarations that Declared gender parity/gender balance as an inalienable Divinely endowed human right, protective of both women and men and children.
Women (and Men) of the Occupy movement, progressives and independents are urging a boycott/postponement from 2012 to 2013, and calling for a gender balanced, minority representative Constitutional Convention for the US, to implement the demands of these Declarations, and as preparation for a real election in November 2013.

Outreach for this post began on Women’s Equality Day, August 26, a day declared by (and for) all male President’s, commemorating the 1920 “granting” of the vote, originally denied in 1789 by misguided men of property (the 1%),  to women,  (as well as minorities and men without property) and the week of the Republican Convention and the lead up to the Democratic Convention.  It is the 21st century, ladies and gentlemen – Women need more than a 1% corrupted “vote”;  they and their children, families and world, including their husbands and brothers, need them to have equal representation by now,  if this Earth is to be saved and sustained much longer. Bianca Jagger has said We Must Declare a NonViolent Revolution, especially by and for women and men who support women at parity.  The movie Thelma and Louise warned: “You get what you settle for”.  Why should any self-and-other-women respecting woman (or man) “vote” in a pseudoelection that will still leave the US behind Afghanistan,  Iraq,  and the United Arab Emirates  in representation of women? Roseanne  Barr has called residual patriarchy – the habitual willingness to allow mostly men to rule, “the Lemming Code”*,  Based on war, death, hoarding, separatism… thus, a threat to life for women and men alike, and their children.  Unfortunately the Green  and Peace and Freedom Parties even with their  women Candidates, Dr. Jill Stein and Cheri Honakala,  and Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan, will not pull enough votes to change the outcome of this pseudoelection if people participate in it.  These women can all co lead and serve in a new Constitutional Conventeion and a real election, in 2013.  Several progressive and Independent Women (as well as Men who care about women and equality) are spearheading Boycott as the real choice, and millions of women, (as well as men) are planning not to vote. (see links below) Boycott is the only logical, caring, Earth-Saving and safe strategy.
Read More at: and

5. This pseudoelection is also especially  unfair to Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans, and will leave them underrepresented in the House, almost completely unrepresented in the Senate,  where there are no blacks and two token Latinos, subject to the most hostile economic realities, more police harassment racial profiling, and incarceration in prison-plantations. It will effectively bring back a return to slavery. W.E. Dubois warned blacks against being used to prop up a racially dominating power structure with their votes. Obama became a self-serving token that was strategically used used to temporarily assuage blacks and liberals, while the majority white Dempublican Conservative Corporations strategized and maneuvered to take “permanent” control, behind the scenes.  Latina/os know their economic and status issues are used as a football by the 1%. Alert black progressives, both female and male, want neither Dempublican ticket: Boycott is the only logical, caring, Earth-Saving and safe strategy.

6. This pseudoelection will result in pseudogovernment that quickly causes a Greatest Depression and economic collapse. The loss of the middle class and increasing numbers of foreclosed homeless and poor, especially of women, result in an unsustainable economy. Since Dr. Marilyn Waring first published her groundbreaking work in 1988, economic leaders. both female and male,  around the world have been calling for a paradigm shift that counts al the work of especially women, but also men, for family and community, in economic indices. Many have called upon governments and financial institutions to implement the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI), updated to include standards for democracy and gender representation, and already includes valuation of household work and parenting, and indices for the valuation of Nature, instead of the GDP.  The 1% “elected” by this pseudoelection, and its currently in office 4th Branch Corporate PseudoPress on TV, will continue to ignore this wisdom which is now central to Earth’s survival sustainability, and there will be simultaneous social, environmental and economic collapse. Boycott is the only logical, caring, Earth-Saving and safe strategy.

7. This pseudoelection will lead to retention or increases in the already gargantuan US military budget which dwarfs that of all other countries, against the will of the majority of Americans, especially women,
Occupiers and younger Americans  and foreign policy ‘decisions” that enflame more tyranny and nuclear proliferation and missile development in countries like North Korea, and Iran. It will eventually and soon lead to a nuclear exchange/attack on the United States. Boycott is the only logical, caring, Earth-Saving and safe strategy.

8. This pseudoelection will result in a government that will enact further unnecessary delays on the implementation of windpower and solar energy, at the expense of more short-term but unsustainable oil including Keystone Pipeline (now supported by both parties) which is exascerbating global warming and climate extremes, fracking, which will increase earthquakes and tsunamis which are throwing the Earth off axis, and nuclear, which exposes the US to the meltdown dangers of Fukishima and nuclear waste. It will continue policies that allow genetic engineering on crops that, with global warming, has already reduced corn and soy corp yields, and is already disorienting and killing bees, which are necessary to fertilize crop plants, and causing the development of superpest insects, instead.  The situation will bring about another Dust Bowl, higher food prices, and eventual famine, to the US and much of the world, which depends on US crop exports. This election will devastate the earth environment.
‘Realize that our oligarchic (rule by the rich) political system CANNOT deal effectively with this problem. The same persons who are causing the climate change are profiting immensely by their rapine of the environment, and they have bought off the political system and largely control our mass media as well. Democrats, Republicans, the various dominant political parties and factions elsewhere around the world–all are part of the problem rather than the solution. ”  This pseudoelection will accelerate this assault on Nature, which Humanity depends on for its very existence. Boycott is the only logical, caring, Earth-Saving and safe strategy.

9. This pseudoelection will corrupt and destroy the Internet and the Information Age. Althoufgh CISPA recently failed to pass, attempts at some sort of CISPA are likely to continue.  It will usher in Big Brother surveillance and centralized control in the guise of spam filters, infringe on freedom of speech and assembly, and try to turn the Internet into a vehicle for amassing false wealth by the 1% and controlling/suppressing dissent, human caring and Love. Boycott is the only logical, caring, Earth-Saving and safe strategy.

10. This pseudoelection is perpetuating an outmoded system that is unable to cope with the necessities of the times of an interconnected Planet, and needs more than a few amendments that will take too long to pass, especially by  disproportionately rich, white male “leaders”. It needs a Nonviolent REvolution that will produce more comprehensive change and a paradigm shift in our understanding of power, from power over to power with. The Constitution of 1789 did not include women, minorities, and men without property, and overturned much of  the truer egalitarianism of gender, race,  and income, that Thomas Paine originally dreamed of  in “Common Sense” and his other writings.   Although amendments to the Constitution have allowed some progress, they have come at extreme cost (i.e the Civil War) and have taken centuries and  generations to achieve (the right to vote for women),  that have not been enough progress to overcome these mistakes of 1789, as well as human ape-like tendencies to be controlled by the more aggressive and dominant, but not at all the most wise or intelligent, males.  Even Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to Madison, warned: “The constitution and the laws of their predecessors extinguished then in their natural course with those who gave them being. This could preserve that being till it ceased to be itself, and no longer. Every constitution then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of 19 years. If it be enforced longer, it is an act of force, and not of right.” This was at a time when dominant males and oligarchs ruled. They still do, two World Wars, hundreds of smaller wars, global warming, nuclear proliferation, and continued widespread wife and child abuse and neglect. That epoch must will end, either with megadeath, or REvolutionary paradigm shifting transformation. With the wisdom of fully represented women and diversity and economic paradigm shifts, the Constitutions of the US and all nations, as a regions of an interconnected Planet, could last Millennia, and unleash the real Age of Enlightenment for a Humanity ready to evolve past ape and lemming codes. Or will you “Vote” and choose megadeath, instead? Boycott is the only logical, caring, Earth-Saving and safe strategy.

11. This pseudoelection will erode the very Spirit of Good and Faith in America. By protecting the 1%, this pseudoelection flies in the face of every major religious tradition, including traditionally patrrarchal ones (most of which are evolving to a more gender balanced perspective), all of which mandate periodic forgiveness of debts and ongoing redistribution of wealth, such as the Sabbath Year and Jubilee tradtions of Judaism and Christianity, the example of the Prince Siddhartha/Buddha who renounced wealth for a simple life, the ideas of Hindu Mahatma Gandhi on shared trusteeship/non-possession and equitable distribution, and even Islam, as well as GoddessGod traditions such as Hindu, Native American and almost all ancient societies. These ideals are seldom realized, because patriarchy tends to devolve, apelike, into the domination by the most hoarding/powerful males. But Belgian Central Bank Economist Bernard Lietaer encourages the reintegration of ancient religious concepts of the Divine MotherGoddess or Divine Feminine, who abundantly gives to all her Children, female and male, (and brings forth  Real Power to do Good, to Gift and Bless the whole familycommunity, in the Divine Father or Divine Masculine), as opposed to the self-serving egoism of CEO apemen (and their patriarchally submissive or coopted women) who ignore awareness of the values of the Divine Feminine. As we shift paradigms to a gender balanced, Mother Earth/Mother Nature-respecting wealth model, we develop health and wealth for the whole familycommunity. This is discussed at length by Riane Eisler in her book, “The Real Wealth of Nations”. But this pseudoelection will ignore this wisdom, and cause social (familycommunity), economic, peace and environmental collapse and catastrophe at unimaginable levels. Boycott is the  only logical, caring, Earth-Saving and safe strategy.


1. Starting immediately: Declare Your Intention to Boycott, and tell Everyone You Know and Everyone You Can Reach. Use email, blogs and websites, utube to outreach and coordinate with others who are also declaring and discussing boycott. (see links below) Feel free to copy/excerpt this site, and other resources, listed below. Notify Google, which has a slightly higher social conscience than many US companies and whose CEOs earn less, that if they can use their home page to cover the Olympics, they can use it to cover this world-saving and necessary Revolution, and that they need to add gender balance to their corporate leadership, which is already ethnically diverse, and that you are concerned about their willingness to cooperate with government tracking. If your email or Internet Service Provider gives you any trouble, report them to The Electronic Frontier Foundation , , (The Center for Democracy and Technology), and Human Rights Watch  Understand and Announce that this is a Now Necessary Peaceful REvolution and Paradigm Shift that is the only way to protect this part of the World and the Earth from Immanent Catastrophe Posed by this pseudoelection, and is connected with similar Boycotts and Revolutions presently underway in other parts of the world, as well. Describe Your activities as both National-Regional and Global/Planetary, and necessary to protect democracy, the country and region,  and the Planet… Make sure to connect with global stakeholders/allies, the world watching.

2. Wake Up would-be Democratic voters – and especially target women voters who are actively betraying themselves by accepting patriarchal tokenist and delay-and-deny pandering on representation, by calling them unwitting lemmings, and naive enablers herded to legitimize the election for  Romney via top Dempublican/Republican slaughter. Ask them why there is no woman VP, and Remind them that Joe Biden degraded Anita Hill,
and his biggest donor, who clearly has influenced his votes and actions, is Mastercard, who is bankrupting millions of Americans, even more women than men, and especially minorities. Tell them there is a better way than the “lesser of two evils” approach, which will now likely unleash the greatest of all evils, instead.  Help them to start thinking about what they are going to do (must be strike and revolt) when their “votes” are use to declare/accept Romney-Ryan  the “winners” by the Dempublican “leadership”, no matter how close the tally and how low a percentage of he actual population that does “vote” in this travesty.

3. Make Your Standards and Demands for a publically sponsored Constitutional Convention in Spring 2013 and a Real Election in November 2013 Clear:
a. Public funding and free TV time for all candidates, at all levels.
b. 5050 Gender balance and minority representation on tickets, and seats in Government, at all levels.
c. Caps on CEO salaries, and 5050 Gender Balance at all Corporations, with family leave for all staff and employees, as in other nations. The US Dow Jones CEOs currently earn 550 times the average worker, compared to about 12 times, in some other nations.  Even that doesn’t reflect the injustice to women for underpaid and unpaid work.   Adoption of the Genuine Progress Indicator Instead of the Gross Domestic Product. and faces and symbols on currency which reflect gender balance, diversity.and Nature.
d. Public Referenda, especially to Override the Supreme Court’s Bad Decisions (if the Consitutional Convention Decides a Supreme Court Should be Continued).                                                                                                                               e. Break Up of the Consolidation of Media, and Gender Balance and Diversity at all Levels of Media, including Executives
f. Truth and Reconciliation Hearings with Corporate CEOs, with special attention to Media CEOs and Highly Paid “News” Commentators Who Promoted a Pseudoelection  and Outmoded Economic Paradigms that Now Immanently Endanger the Planet
g.Truth and Reconciliation Hearings with Politicians about the Time They Devote to Raising Money and Big Donors, the lack of Gender 5050 and Minority Representation

4. Be informed about other examples of Corrupt “Election” Boycotts and NonViolent Revolutions, many which have succeeded,  many are in progress/almost succeeded and paved the way for the quick fall of a corrupt pseudogovernment. The recent  Egyptian Boycott achieved a participation rate of 49%, especially because the ruling parties ignored the women’s leaders like Nawal Saadawi  and women’s groups demand for 40% on tickets and the female Presidential Candidate Bothaina Kamel, that women as well as men worked for, as well as other essential demands. Therefore, the current Egyptian pseudogovernment is likely to fall, and protests began again on August 24th.  South African election boycotts prevented a coopted version of apartheid, and recently achieved 42%, weakening a still white dominated, male dominated economic system which is unstable and will fall.!_No_House!_No_Vote!  Major nonviolent Revolutions are in progress in Iceland,   where the Kitchenware Revolution  called for resignation of the government and overhaul of financial practices, Greece and Spain, and in fact, around the world, with demands similar to those above.

Everyone knows about the OccupyMovement.
whose flagship website states: “The only solution is World Revolution
“The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants” Through the women of Occupy and other independents (see REvolutionary Declarations calling for 5050 gender balance and other related balances, above), more Occupiers are beginning to grasp the importance of representing women and minorities as key in the Revolution, and the underlying problem impediment to the success of the Egyptian Revolution  Many Occupiers and Union Members (see links below) feel betrayed by Democrats, know that Republicans are even more dangerous, and are boycotting and protesting the 2012 pseudo election and its corrupt Conventions. These Conventioneers are lemmings of Conventional Top Down Thinking; they cannot think outside the patriarchal 1% box dictated to them by their party “leaders”.  At most, only 64% of Americans vote (the rates are higher in real democracies). If your boycott achieves 50% or better, the US majority will have rejected the most likely pseudowinner, Romney-Ryan, and the world watching will support a new, real election in 2013, with an overdue new, peaceful REvolutionarily-transformed Constitution made by the real We the People, this time (unlike 1789), including full proportional representation of women, minorities, literate intelligent men of all levels of means, and the whole, real population.
5. Wake Up Corporate and even some socalled progressive  “Journalists”, who are mindlessly promoting this pseudoelection, instead of using the 4th Branch, the Press, to protect and inform liberty. A target list of media to contact is available at Ask them why they never tell American women that Sweden has had 50-50 and paid family leave for 3 decades, that several other countries have 5050 already, that all the villages of India and all the cities and major parties of France have gender 5050 and full minority representation, that the National Assembly of Wales has gender 5050, and that women and men in Ireland, England, Israel, Egypt, the European Parliament, many countries in Africa, and many in Latin America are at or close to or demanding gender 5050 and have better minority representation, that almost 30 countries are assessing women’s work and the Genuine Progress Indicator,  and have far less income inequality and Caps on their CEOs salaries, including media CEOs, who often also sit on Boards of Banks and other corporations. Tell them you will turn off your TV and  not be watching TV at all starting immediately, but will check the websites of their programs and stations for this information, and when they have disseminated it both personally and collectively, with the same frequency they report on conventional but unsustainable politics and economics, you will resume watching their program/TV again.

6. As soon as you can arrange them, Go to your Local City and Town Government, and carry the Signs as in 7. below. Hold Marches, CandleLight Vigils, and Pots and Pans Protests. Call Local and National Media and Do Pots and Pans Protests over the Phone, quoting the famous line from the movie Network, “I’m Fed Up and I’m Not Taking It Any More and I’m Not Voting Because the the tickets aren’t half women, aren’t minority representative, and are filled with puppets of the 1%”. Write to well known TV personalities, celebrities and journalists and ask them why they are promoting this dangerous farce and travesty of a pseudoelection. (A list to contact is available at: If You are near the Conventions, protest, but do not watch them on TV. The names of many of the Delegates to the Conventions are online, usually by state.  Send them emails asking their Truth and Reconciliation apologies for participating in this travesty, and provide them with this and related information about real democracy that creates tickets of women as well as men, of all races, and not beholden to or enabling of the 1%.

7. On Election Day, stay a legal distance from Polling Stations, and carry Signs that Say “Don’t Be a Lemming. Don’t Vote in a Pseudoelection that Will Kill the Earth”. “Don’t Vote. Don’t ReElect the 1%” “Don’t Vote: Where are the 50% women and 25% Minorities on the Ballots?” “”Your Vote is Bought and Paid for by the Media of the 1%”. “I’m Fed Up and I’m Not Voting Anymore” “Don’t Vote: The Outcome is Rigged”

8. Do an immediate titular linguistic gender and racial fairness jui jitso on America’s gender and racial domination shame. If you are a woman or minority, you have been most oppressed by the present system, for over 200 years. Immediately adopt the simultaneous Titles of Earth National-Ragional Local Global  Co-Secretary General, CoPresident, CoSenator, CoRepresentative, Co Governor, CoMayor and CoCity(Village) Council Member and CoCEO for yourself, call all other women and minorities the same (unless they publically decline the title),  and give any white men who come forth to demand gender 5050 and representative minority representation the same title. This is the Revolutionary Government. YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT. This includes Everyone, of all classes, even people living at homeless shelters.

9. Email/Call Your All Congresspeople, Senators, the President and Vice-President that they should enact no further legislative or executive business  until the gender balanced, minority representative Constitutional Convention is held, and if they do enact any business, you will not regard it as law. Tell them that if America is attacked, or suffers environmental catastrophes, and urgent decision-making is needed, that every man of the current 86% male Congress should select a woman from their staff or family to vote with them, (this will add to the total number of votes, but allow for balance of gender), and the Senate must add 25 more members of minority status, if any votes are to be taken in case of emergency, until the Constitutional Convention is held. Announce that the so-called “Justices” who favored Citizen’s United that they are hereby resigned via 80% of the people’s  disagreement and outrage, that their decision on that case is null and void, and their services are no longer needed or heeded, and that the other Justices make no further decisions until after the Constitutional Convention in the Spring.

10. Talk to Co-workers, Employers, Organization Members, Neighbors and Family/Community About This.  Plan a Full Day Strike on Election Day, and some part of the workday every Seventh day thereafter until the President, Vice-President, the Speaker of the House, and the Senate Majority Leader agree that they will undertake no further legislative or executive business pending the Constitutional Convention, and will agree to start Truth and Reconciliation Immediately.  Plan to avoid any non-essential purchases until the billing company reduces CEO salary to the level mentioned above, and until the President, Vice-President, Speaker of the House, and Senate Majority Leader agree that they will undertake no further legislative or executive business pending the Constitutional Convention, and will agree to start Truth and Reconciliation Immediately. Delay paying bills by one month  – that should avoid any service cut-offs – but will be a wake-up call to corporations who give succor to overpaid CEOs. Invoice Corporations and CEOs and the IRS for what they and the patriarchal oligarchy cumulatively owe you and every citizen (even including themselves, for their wrong paradigm is delaying the discovery of the matter-energy transfer, the Fountain of Youth, and the opening of the Stargates, and simply letting them die “on top” of an unsustainable Planet, instead.

11. If You are harassed, your email/website blocked  or even arrested for these activities, you will have lots of company soon, because conditions in the US and world will so quickly deteriorate that millions will fill the streets to join you, as they have in other countries. If you are arrested or your email/website blocked, contact your nearest Occupy, as they have contact with lawyers, contact an office of the UN
(even though the UN is is danger of corporate takeover – your peaceful revolt will help prevent that,  and contact
In the well known peaceful Revolutions of India in 1947 and South Africa more recently, and even during the suffragette, abolition, and union struggles many people were arrested. But they won their battles during their day. Now it is our honor, necessity and Sacred Duty to complete the work. And in fact, you  likely will not be arrested. Many police have  indicated their disgust for the current conditions in the United States, and many former military are now peace activists, who will rise to the defense of that which saves democracy and the Planet Earth.

In the Last scene from Planet of the Apes, the last human female and male discover that the Statue of Liberty, the figure of the Goddess of Democracy Enlightening the World, has been buried.
The woman in the film has lost the ability to speak.
The man, in anguished anger, realizing that the disaster was caused by man-made weapons that had proved humanity had not evolved beyond apelike tendencies, says:
You finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up! God damn you! God damn you all to hell!”

Vote in this most dangerous pseudoelection on Earth, and that scene may very well may be the Future, if if is even that good.
Don’t Be An Ape. Don’t Be A Lemming. This Time, Just Don’t Vote, and Protest Like Heaven.


Planning to Boycott (Occupy Wallstreet – Boycott 2012 Election)
Boycott the Election in Kansas
Boycott the Presidential Election in Oregon
THE ELECTION BOYCOTT GROUP IN CALIFORNIA! (robert reich pretends its a valid election but acknowledges: The biggest party in America is neither Democrats nor Republicans. It’s the party of non-voters — a group that outnumbers the other two.×88063!
Good video, warms that Germans voted for Hitler en mass  “Instead of debasing themselves and dignifying the elections that have no positive impact on their lives, over a hundred million Americans regularly choose to distance themselves from the voting process and the political regime legitimized by it. They do so by selecting the option of not voting. The non-voters are right, and they are winning every election held in America.”

Links On Successful Boycotts and Non-Violent Revolutions
(The 49% Boycott did not stop June 2012 “election”, but the “government” is unpopular/weak; new protests arose in Tahrir Square again on August 24)                                                                                          !_No_House!_No_Vote! (42% did not vote)                                                                                                                                                     Icelandic Kitchenware Revolution: forced entire government and banksters to resign with pots and pans protests and public boycotts.
The Occupy movement is an international protest movement which started in New York City on September 17, 2011 with Occupy Wall Street and is primarily directed against social and economic inequality. By October 9 Occupy protests had taken place or were ongoing in over 95 cities across 82 countries and over 600 communities in the  As of October 28 the Meetup page “Occupy Together” listed “Occupy” communities in 2,355 towns and cities worldwide                                                                                               
If it can be done in one city, it can be done in every city.

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“… most nonvoters (73%) say they can trust the government in Washington to do what’s right only some of the time, or never. This is about the same level of distrust expressed by voters (76%).”
“By the time 2012 rolls around, the project hopes to have millions of non-voters on the record as non-consenting…A July Rasmussen poll found that only 23% of Americans believe the US government functions with “the consent of the governed” — the criterion of legitimacy set forth by America’s founders in the Declaration of Independence.”

Note:  Our list of informed, concerned women and men Boycott Advocates of Conscience has more than doubled since September, (and it is therefore likely that the ranks of non-voters are growing beyond their already majority status as a (non) voting-bloc,  outnumbering voters who would, guided by a corporate controlled media, “choo$e” whoever would “win” of either major party.  That means the majority of Americans already do not want or recognize the media-$elected “winners”.)

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Boycott the Election

Boycott the Election

Boycott the 2012 Election
Convene Constitutional Convention
that is Gender 5050, Minority and Income Representative
Hold Real Election in 2013